Weight Loss Worries: How Much Water Should You Drink for Weight Loss in Canonsburg and McMurray?

Water Worries: How Much Water Should You Drink for Weight Loss in Canonsburg and McMurray?

How Much Water To Drink for Weight Loss in Canonsburg and McMurray?

Are you struggling to lose weight in Canonsburg or McMurray no matter how much you diet?

Reaching your goal weight is never easy and reducing calories and increasing exercise – while being great techniques – can only get you so far. So, what else could help you drop those last extra pounds?

One option is simply water. That’s right! Upping your water intake could be exactly what you need to help you get on track with your weight and boost your confidence.

The key to using water for weight loss is to drink the right amount – not too little or too much. Let’s take a look at how much water you should drink in this guide.

Does Water Actually Help With Weight Loss in Canonsburg and McMurray?

It’s not just a myth; water actually does help you to lose weight! It’s not a magical weight loss pill that’s going to instantly help you shed the pounds, but it will help you on your journey.

Water can help you in a number of different ways, making the weight loss journey easier. Water is completely calorie-free, meaning that it won’t add to your weight at all.

It also fills your stomach so can make you feel fuller, even though you’re not actually adding any calorie content. In this way, it works as an appetite suppressant. If you find yourself constantly snacking and want to stop, a glass of water when the urge comes could do the trick!

It’s not just a calorie-free way to fill up, it also actively helps you burn more calories. It’s been shown that your resting energy expenditure (how many calories you burn while resting) can increase by around 24-30% in the 10 minutes after drinking a glass of the good stuff. By simply drinking more water, you can start to lose more weight.

You’ve seen how it can work, now it’s time to see how much water should you drink to lose weight.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

A lot of sources out there will tell you to drink around 8 glasses of water a day (or two liters, to be more precise). But in reality, how much you need is entirely personal.

There are a bunch of different factors that can affect how much water you should be drinking, making two liters somewhat of a random figure. If you sweat more than the average person because you’re exercising to lose weight, you’ll need to drink more. If you’re older or breastfeeding, you may also need to drink more or less to stay hydrated.

Basically, there is no certain answer to the question of how much water should you drink for weight loss?

There are ways to work out how much water you need to drink though, and it all starts with listening to your body.

Here’s How to Work Out How Much Water Should You Drink

There are some different signs that will let you know how much water you should drink. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Drink When You’re Thirsty

The most obvious sign that you need a drink is if you’re thirsty. But if you haven’t been drinking enough to begin with then you might not get that feeling of thirst as often as you should. Up your water intake to at least two liters a day to reset your system and if you become dehydrated you should feel that thirst kick in.

Headaches, Fatigue, and Bad Moods

Dehydration, even very mildly, can lead to headaches, fatigue, and bad moods. If you have these symptoms frequently try upping your water intake and see if it helps. If they disappear, you’ll know what was causing them and feel much more ready to tackle the day, every day.

Monitor Your Urine

Your urine is one of the best ways to monitor your hydration. It should never be very yellow; if it is, you’re dehydrated! The darker your urine the more you need to drink.

If you’re nicely hydrated, your urine should be the color of pale straw. If it’s almost clear, you’ve had your fill and can cut back on the water for an hour or two.

Where Should You Get Your Water From?

We often get questions like how much lemon water should you drink and is tea hydrating?

The simple solution to these questions is to stick to water, plain and simple. Lemon water is great in moderation, but be sure to drink it with a straw to prevent tooth decay from the acidic water. One glass a day is a great way to add an extra vitamin boost to your diet and flush out your system, but don’t go over the top.

While tea, coffee, and juices can be hydrating, too much sugar and not enough water can also make them dehydrating liquids. If you want to see the weight loss effects of water, stick to what we all know is going to help; water!

But, it is important to remember that not all of your hydration should come from water. You also get a lot of liquids from fruits and vegetables, like apples, cucumbers, and oranges. These are an essential part of a healthy diet, so eat more and keep yourself healthy during your weight loss journey.

What Next?

If you’re wondering how much water should you drink to help with weight loss, there isn’t one clear answer. The main thing is to listen to and understand your body and know the signs that you need some extra hydration. Once you know how to keep your body hydrated, your metabolism will kick in and start to do the rest.

At our office, we’re experts at healthy weight loss and know how you can become more confident with your weight health, safely, and for the long term. Are you ready to get started on the path to a healthier you? Call our office at (724) 969-4000 for more details!

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