Home Rehab Videos in Canonsburg and McMurray

Check out these home rehab videos created by our chiropractor in Canonsburg and McMurray. Contact our team at Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Wellness today for more help.

Office Ergonomics

​We are spending more time in front of computers then we have ever in the past. Proper positioning is important! Laptops can put you in a poor position. If you must use a laptop, use a separate keyboard and lift the laptop to the height of a regular desktop monitor. Your monitor should always be an arm's length away and right at eye level.

Home Rehab Kit Overview

Discover the Health Benefits of the Home Rehabilitation Kit Each exercise in your personal homecare plan is designed to correct a specific issue in your spine and posture. The longer you perform these exercises, the stronger the muscles of your neck, back, and core become. Strengthening these muscles helps protect your spine from the physical stresses of daily life. Similar to wearing rubber bands while you have braces, homecare that supplements your chiropractic adjustments ensures the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

Head Weighting Exercise

Discover the Health Benefits of Head Weighting System Frontal head weighting activates the body's righting reflexes, causing the body to re-position forward under the weighted head. Front-lateral head weighting causes the body to also be laterally corrected in conjunction with forward correction. Walking helps to increase the traction effect on tight contracted soft tissues and strengthens weak postural muscles while re-educating your nervous system to your new improved posture.

Pelvic Block Exercises

Discover the Health Benefits of Pelvic Wedges Pelvic and lumbar wedges improve the overall health of your back and spine by enhancing the natural curvature of the spine. They maximize pelvic tilt and extension of the lower back, reducing pressure on discs, joints and supportive muscles. These wedges can also be used as a preventative tool to unload back stress caused by sitting and other daily activities.

Wobble Cushion Exercises

​Discover the Health Benefits of Inflatable Wobble Cushion Sitting on a wobble cushion makes the simple act of sitting an active experience that targets and strengthens your core muscles, decreases back pain, and improves your posture.

Cervical Traction

​Discover the Health Benefits of Cervical Traction Unit The cervical traction unit is an essential part of any chiropractic home care. It is simple and easy to use. Designed by experts in the field of spinal correction, it drastically reduces the time it takes to restore healthy cervical curvature and takes only minutes to maintain it.


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