28 Days To Wellness Challenge

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What It Entails

This challenge will deliver to your inbox a short and simple task each and every day for the next 28 days.

The idea is that if you can give us 10 minutes a day to dedicate to these tasks we are confident that we can instill some great disciplines in your life and over the course of the next 28 days you will see growth and change in becoming the best version of you.  This program is completely online and does not require you to leave the sanctity of your home, especially during the busy holiday season.

Also included:

  • 1 podcast per week on four different topics
  • 1- 15 minute strategy session with Dr. Carr
  • Email support from myself and Dr. Vallera with all your questions answered
  • Private Facebook group to capture more content and ask questions in an open and friendly forum


  • Early birds receive a 2nd 15-minute strategy call!
  • 100% money back guarantee at the end of 28 days if you have not made a positive change in your life!

What's Included in the 28 Days To Wellness Challenge

Week 1 is all about MINDSET.
There’s a saying that goes optimists live longer!  I used to not buy into it but what I have found from my 15 years of practicing and coaching thousands of people is that this is where success or failure begins…period.  All of us, yes all of us, have some form of negative self-talk.  This week is all about reshaping your mindset and digging deep into your barriers for growth.  This alone is a game changer!  Each day we will give you an idea for an activity that is focused on developing communication and mindset.

Week 2 is NUTRITION focused.
An old adage says you are what you eat!  This week is not about dieting – it is about making smart choices, balance, and simplifying. This week we are all about helping you create healthy habits – not more restrictions. Knowing what to buy, where to go, how much should you consume is a daily struggle for most people.  This week you will be given a roadmap to success!

Week 3 is when we take a look at EXERCISE.
Quite frankly for most, exercise is a struggle.   Fitness is really about health and it is essential to regulate mental, physical and emotional wellness. Taking care of our bodies is our key to a long and joy filled life so each day we will give you a step to take toward a new fitness goal of your choosing. These steps will kick-start healthy habits which can last a lifetime.

Week 4 is DETOX week!
You might be asking yourself why isn’t this first?  Now that you have the knowledge of what you should and should not be consuming you will now have a gameplan in place to detox not only your body but your mind as well.


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“Dr. Carr truly cares & is compassionate in regards to his patients, Not only is he an excellent chiropractor, he is very knowledgable in regards to health wellness and fitness. He will go above and beyond for you and your family.”

- Nicole C.

"After giving birth to my daughter I had gained some weight that I couldn't lose no matter what I did and/or tried and on top of that had back pain and my whole body was swollen. I was so frustrated! I tried many different chiropractors out in California where I used to live and nothing was working Until I moved to Peters and met Dr. Carr and started receiving his treatments and following his guidance with excercise and nutrition!

- Mindy C.

"Dr. Carr worked with us on nutrition and wellness and has taught us how to change our food choices. Nutritional choices alone have resulted in significant weight loss - that is maintainable because it's a life style change not a diet. Dr Carr is very engaged in his patients success!"

- Heather Z.

"I went to Dr. Carr about 3 months ago, 25 years old, 60 lbs. over weight and in debilitating back pain that was so terrible at times I could not walk, or sit in the car for more than 15 minutes. After about 3 weeks my back pain had COMPLETELY vanished. I would say that the wellness should be before the chiropractic in the name-Dr. Carr has done more for me in the last 3 months than any physical therapist, pcp, therapist, or ob/gyn has EVER done. I am 20 lbs. lighter, and have the energy and stability I should. Dr. Carr and his staff are supportive and inspiring. They can't make you eat right or work out or work on your posture, but you can be sure that if you do those things and continue to see him, you will be the healthiest you've ever been."

- Steph J.

"Not only does he treat your skeletal system, but he also provides diet and exercise programs, for patients and families to attend. Even though I have a very busy schedule, he always encourages me to attend them, and he also provides some really healthy and tasty snacks. I am very glad I decided on him, when I was looking for a Chiropractor, I can't imagine doing any better."

- Edward P.

"Not only have chiropractic adjustments improved my health and reduced my back pain to virtually zero, but Dr. Carr is very concerned with wellness - not just fixing the problem but preventing it. Dr. Carr provides me with advice for setting up my workstation to promote better posture and prevent long-term difficulties from working at a desk, as well as materials and workshops on weight loss and nutrition to maintain total health.

I strongly recommend Dr. Carr, and giving chiropractic a try!"

- Janet S.

"I have been with him for over 5 years and with his advice on exercise, nutrition, and eliminating toxins in our lives, at age 67, I am healthy, active and happy. Thank you Dr. Carr!"

- Daria L.

"I was introduced to Dr. Carr through a friend when our family relocated to the Canonsburg area. I have a long history of spinal trauma and injury, and Dr. Carr has helped me to maintain regular mobility. My chronic pain is the most manageable it has ever been since my early 20's. With Dr. Carr keeping everything in working order I am able to be active again and finished my first (through my fifth) half marathon runs. I could not recommend Dr. Carr more highly."

- Richelle Z.


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