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025: Chris Shea / Dr. Christopher Carr

025: Chris Shea / Dr. Christopher Carr

chiropractic Canonsburg and McMurray PA Chris Shea as a guest podcast speaker
Todays guest on the Health Nuts podcast is Chris Shea.  Now Chris has done a ton in his 20 plus years in education and counseling and I want to share with you a small piece of his background.  Chris is nationally and state certified addiction counselor as well as a nationally certified life coach, having graduated from St. Hyacinth College-Seminary and the Washington Theological Union in DC.

He divides his time between Lifesjourney (which is his coaching program) and serving as the Director of Campus Ministry at a high school in Maryland and as an adjunct professor in the Family Studies and Community Development department of the school of Liberal Arts at Towson University as well as McDaniel College's Graduate School of Counseling.

He has spent over 20 years in the addiction counseling field as a clinician and administrator, responsible for the implementation of treatment program models while integrating evidence-based treatments to promote lifelong recovery. He currently serves as the chairperson for his county’s Alcohol Coalition, a member of the county Behavioral Health Action Committee and he sits on the advisory board for the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children.

His second book is now on amazon and its titled "Coping With Adversity in Life".  His book is available on amazon at this link-


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